Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Post

Been wanting to start this blog for the past few days. Finally made up my mind and decided to do it.

As this is the first post, time to do the standard introduction.

Everyone calls me Edwin. I have been collecting gunpla at the age of 10. My first ever gunpla was from a Christmas surprise gift from my parents. From that day on i fell in love with kit building. I started off with SD kits as they look "cool" to me at my tender age. After O'levels i worked at Metro and every month 60% of my pay went to the kits. I had the mentality then and still today "Gotta get them all" sounds like something you hear from Pokemon eh. I have gotten alot of kits mostly SD kits and some other HG & MG kits laying around so i thought to myself time to devote some time to give the kits the proper respect they require. Therefore this blog is born.

The blog will act as a medium for me to meet fellow gunpla builders and learn from them. I will do my best in showcasing my w.i.p (work in progress) and also my final completion. Time to time there might be some personal post too. So watch out for the following post. =)

As my wedding is approaching the updates might be slow so do be patient.
Signing off for today. Have a great day. =D